Monthly BOX

Get Exclusive Burkie Belle's 📦MONTHLY BOX!!!!📦 I'm so excited about this you guys. We loved last months and have been wanting a way to get some of our handmade specialty items to you, you know the ones we love to make, but cannot make for the masses, because each one takes so much time and love.....Yep, those items!! 
Welcome to our monthly box!! Each monthly box (NOT SUBSCRIPTION) will be unique Burkie Belle's items with some of our favorites sparkled in. There will be exclusive items only available through the boxes, not released in store or online. So 💕TRUST ME💕you're going to want to get in on this!! SO here's how it works
📦 Since it's not a subscription you will need to order each month you would like to purchase a box
📦 To order: comment with size (S-3X) and email below or go to 
📦 Monthly Boxes will be open to order until the 5th of the month.
📦 Boxes will be ready for In Store Pick-Up on the 15th of every month or we can ship them to you!