Go do it!!

Go do it!!

Do you ever NOT want to do what you need to do???

I mean like really, really not want to do something......
I’m there. I’m sitting (literally) in a place this morning that is not comfortable. It’s uncomfortable because I have to be vulnerable. Everything has to be known and spoken about. I have to say hard things, face hard situations and hear hard things.

My kids have to do things that I wish they did not have to do. Things I wish I could completely carry for them, but we’re at the point where I cannot.

Nonetheless.....here we are. Here we are.

While praying over them in the car this morning there was a peace that flooded that small space. The kids asked if that feeling, that peace, would escape as soon as we opened the car doors lol!

I responded with “It can” OR “We can embrace the power that we have inside of us to CARRY THAT PEACE!!!”

Come what may......I’m choosing peace❤️

What are you going to carry???!??

Buckle your shoes🖤
Pull on your boots🖤
Tie your tennis shoes🖤
Slide on whatever is close🖤🖤

And go do it! Your redemption is on the other side🖤🖤